Determining how you will remember a loved one who has passed away is a decision not be taken lightly or quickly. Although it may be tempting to decide shortly after a loved one has died, the grieving process can often impact that decision or make you more vulnerable to making the wrong decision. There are many options for you to choose from, and we hope to highlight the differences between two of the most popular memorial possibilities in this article. Depending on your financial ability, cemetery restrictions, or how you want your loved one to be remembered, there is certainly a lot to consider while comparing memorials and headstones.

Memorial: A memorial is an object or structure that is designed to remind people of a person or event. There are many types of memorials available to you. If the deceased wished to be cremated, you might consider buying an urn, planting a garden, or erecting a memorial bench. If your loved one wanted to be buried but did not want a large headstone,